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Welcome, this support site contains helpful resources on configuration and use of our laser measurement systems and ballbar products. FAQ's, downloads and instant support through our support articles are all available here.

XL-80 and ML10


XR20-W and RX10







 XL-80 with XC-80 and sensors    XR20-W rotary axis calibrator    QC20-W ballbar    RLE system    HS20 laser encoder  

Laser calibration and ballbar software

Renishaw has a policy of regularly updating its software to fix bugs, add functionality, extend language support, reflect changes in standards and respond to changes in Microsoft software. If you are not using the latest software you could be missing out on these features.

Please read the relevant software release note before downloading software. Current versions of software may not be compatible with all previous versions of hardware or combinations of hardware. If you have any doubts please contact

The table below lists the latest versions of currently available software.

SoftwareCurrent version numberSoftware languages supportedDownload
 Ballbar 20 v5.09.09 See Software release note: Ballbar 20 (V5.09.09) Full version
 Ballbar 5 HPS v5.07.07 English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian,
 Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Japanese
 Full version
 LaserXL v20.02.02 See Software release note: LaserXL Version 20.02.02
 and Software release note: LaserXL Version 20.02.01
 Upgrade only
 RotaryXL v1.10 See Software release notes: RotaryXL (V1.10) Full version
 XCal-View v2.2 English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Russian,
 Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish
 Full version
 Renishaw analysis v20.03.02.04 As LaserXL Full version
 Off axis rotary v2.01 See Software release note: Off axis rotary Contact Renishaw
 QuickViewXL v1.0.4 See Software release note: QuickViewXL (v.1.0.4) 30 day trial
 Laser 10 v10.06 English, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese Full version
 RCU CS v2.0.5 English Full version

PC minimum requirements

The table below shows the minimum PC requirements for current software.

Note: Legacy software may have different requirements. Please refer to product software pages for guidance.

 Computer PC - desktop or laptop

1 GHz Pentium, 512 MB RAM

 Operating system

Windows®7 and Windows®8 fully supported.
The above support 64 bit systems.
Note: Also tested with Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP2 but ongoing compatibility cannot be guaranteed

 DrivesCD-ROM for software installation 
 Screen1024 x 768 pixels resolution minimum, SVGA 
 Hard disk100 MB drive space needed for software installation 
 PeripheralsKeyboard and Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device 

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