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Raman at beamlines

Renishaw Raman systems complement a wide range of beamline analysis techniques.

Renishaw Raman at beamlines

Coupled beamline techniques include:

  • WAXS and SAXS - wide-and small-angle x-ray scattering
  • HRPD - high-resolution powder diffraction
  • XAS - x-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • INS - inelastic neutron scattering

“I decided to work with Renishaw, first because their engineers immediately understood my complex specifications with respect to applications and implementation, and second because they were able to build upon our ideas, suggest novel solutions to implement them, and even surpass our requests.”

Wouter van Beek from the Swiss Norwegian Beamline (SNBL) at the ESRF

Why add Raman?

  • Beamline time is limited ‑ you need results quickly. Raman is fast and gives you maximum information in a short time period
  • You can make simultaneous co-localised measurements - study dynamic changes, such as deformations and chemical reactions
  • Sample flexibility - you can study solids, liquids, and gases, without sample preparation
  • High spatial resolution - Raman's micrometre-scale resolution complements other beamline techniques
  • Ease of installation - we can use flexible fibre optics to channel the laser light and scattered light to and from the beamline hutch

Why choose Renishaw as your partner?

  • User experience - Our Special Products Team have extensive hands-on experience working at beamlines
  • Integration experience - Renishaw has pioneered the application of Raman spectroscopy at many beamline facilities around the world. We understand your requirements and know which solutions work
  • Quality solutions - Renishaw has one of the world's most advanced manufacturing facilities. We use this to make you a robust and reliable product

Discover the benefits of coupled beamline techniques

Please contact us if you conduct experiments at beamlines and think adding Raman spectroscopy can further your research. Our team of experts will be happy to work with you to develop a suitable solution.

Header image shows Wouter van Beek using the combined Raman / high resolution powder diffraction (HRPD) / x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) equipment at the Swiss‑Norwegian Beam Lines at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Photograph courtesy of Dr. Dewi Lewis, Department of Chemistry, University College London, England.