3-axis vs 5-axis co-ordinate measuring machine technology (mp4)

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An introduction to some of the fundamental basics of co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology. Traditionally, there’s been a speed vs accuracy compromise when it comes to inspection on co-ordinate measuring machines. Some CMMs can move pretty fast, but when it comes to scanning a part feature, they’re slowed right down to minimise any dynamic errors associated with the inertia of the large mass machine elements. Slowing a co-ordinate measuring machine down counteracts any of the potential cycle time gains from having a fast machine. As experts in metrology, Renishaw has developed unique 5-axis CMM technology, that moves the X, Y and Z axes of the machine and the two axes of the measurement head simultaneously. So, instead of driving the whole machine at high speeds, machine motion can be smooth and continuous, whilst leaving the measurement head to do the work. 5-axis CMM technology from Renishaw is available as part of a touch-trigger only system with the PH20 probe head, or as part of a REVO® multi-sensor system. Renishaw’s REVO and PH20 heads are complemented with a sophisticated motion control system that provides precise control of machine movement and communication with metrology software, allowing you to collect part data quickly and efficiently.

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