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High definition Raman images

More detail, larger areas

Raman images used to be small and highly pixellated. Not anymore!

Now you can collect and analyse massive data files (spectral hypercubes) and produce large high definition chemical images.

Renishaw's engineers have developed a new file format (WDF) and optimised WiRE™ software to handle very large Raman datasets (over 50 million spectra). With this, you can collect and analyse data files to produce megapixel sized images. You can collect these HD images at phenomenal speeds using Renishaw's StreamHR™ Rapide.

Superior image quality

Samples are often inhomogeneous, containing a variety of particle sizes and distributions. With WDF and WiRE, you can see small details even over very large areas. Your information will be more accurate and representative when compared with more limited file sizes, where either the step size needs to be larger (missing detail), or the analysis area is made smaller (becoming less representative).

A capability with no constraints

Renishaw has designed the WDF file format to be fast and efficient. There is no inherent file size limit so, should you wish to, you can record tens of millions of spectra in a single file.

We have optimised the processing and analysis options in WiRE to ensure you can rapidly work with such large files. Moreover, WiRE is written so that it can embrace future computational power increases, such as expanded memory and faster multiple processors.

Tim Smith, Applications Manager, Renishaw plc, UK said: “The benefits are clear to the user; not only can these large data files be collected, processed and analysed, but all the data files load incredibly quickly.”

How we acquire the data for high definition Raman images

StreamLine™: generate chemical images rapidly
StreamHR™: generate high resolution chemical images

Many aspects of Renishaw's innovative technology are covered by patents.