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Optical encoders case studies and application notes

Our case studies and application notes for optical encoders showcase how our products can provide precision measurement solutions. See real-life examples of our customers using high quality Renishaw encoders across a variety of applications.

Optical encoders help our customers to achieve their potential in position measurement

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Industries trust Renishaw optical encoders to solve precision measurement challenges. Learn how the latest encoder technology has affected businesses in applications as varied as electronics, machinery, manufacturing, research, aerospace, and healthcare.

Case studies - Electronics

The world's No.1 semiconductor assembly & packaging equipment manufacturer benefits from Renishaw's products

ASM Pacific Technology Ltd, the world's largest supplier of wafer assembly and packaging equipment for the semiconductor industry, aims to offer complete factory automation solutions and satisfy customers' needs through its innovative and cost-effective products.

Wire bonding on a silicon chip

Lasing Microsystem S.A. establish relationship with Renishaw as a solution provider for high accuracy and position checking applications

Lasing Microsystems S.A. is a leading source of technology for instrumentation and photonics products, focusing on lasers and precision positioning. Renishaw provided encoder solutions that delivered higher accuracy and position checking.


Renishaw's RESOLUTE™ absolute encoder supports ITRI breakthrough in multi-axis rotary table design

Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has addressed the multi-axial machine tool technology trend by developing an advanced dual-axis rotary table. This is integrated with Renishaw RESOLUTE absolute rotary encoders and Panasonic serial communication protocols.

DDR rotary table Resolute ITRI

Case studies - Machine builders

Renishaw's enclosed encoders used in new hybrid additive and subtractive machine tool

To help Effective CNC design and build an 'all-in-one' machine that can perform both additive and subtractive machining operations in tandem, Renishaw provided support with its technical teams specialising in optical position encoders, tool setters and machine tool probes.

Gary Pearson

Case studies - Precision manufacturing

Taking precision to new heights - air bearing stages with Renishaw optical encoders

TOYO Nano System Corporation have developed cutting-edge motion stages that utilise a coplanar patented mechanism design and Renishaw's high-precision optical encoders as the position feedback system.

TOYO 空氣軸承龍門雙驅運動平台

Renishaw's FORTiS™ enclosed encoder enhances grinding precision and performance for TGT

After testing and evaluation, TGT selected Renishaw's FORTiS enclosed encoders to optimise its tool grinding machines' performance. This is thanks to FORTiS' ease of installation and other leading-edge features.

Mr Ranganatha, Director of Tool Grinding Technologies Inc.

Renishaw encoders drive improvements in the performance of direct-drive motors

Haozhi builds direct-drive rotary (DDR) tables and linear motors with integrated high-performance optical encoder systems from Renishaw. This gives Haozhi products a substantial competitive advantage with enhanced motion control accuracy.

Haozhi’s direct-drive rotary tables are fitted with RESOLUTE series absolute encoders to enhance motion control accuracy

Case studies - Scientific, research and analysis

Renishaw distributor upgrades telescope for astronomy research

Wise Observatory chose to replace legacy encoders on the two positioning axes of the main one-metre-diameter Ritchey-Chrétien telescope with RESOLUTE™ encoders. This has greatly enhanced both its positioning accuracy and positional stability.

One-metre main telescope at the Wise Observatory

RESOLUTE™ encoders give focus to big science

French technology company IRELEC Alcen manufactures optomechanical and robotics systems for synchrotron facilities worldwide. Renishaw's position measurement products have helped IRELEC to push the boundaries of synchrotron science.

Mirror platform with both in-air and in-vacuum motion stages

Instron® equips its new ElectroPuls™ linear-torsion tester with advanced Renishaw encoders

Instron has launched an advanced bi-axial variant of the ElectroPuls™ E3000 All-Electric test instrument. Renishaw's RESOLUTE™ is the only absolute optical encoder to support ElectroPuls controllers, while offering linear resolutions of 1 nm and speeds beyond 20 m/s.

Instron E3000 linear-torsion tester

Case studies - Aerospace

RESOLUTE encoders make RF antenna positioning accuracy and resolution one hundred times better

Pacific Antenna Systems (PAS) utilizes several different electro-mechanical designs for its antennas, depending on the application. Rotary position encoders are installed on each motion axis (gimbal) to provide the required precision and accuracy.

PAS antenna and gimbal assembly on the undercarriage of an aircraft

HAESL - incremental encoders help optimise the fuel efficiency of aero-engines

How fuel efficient is a commercial airliner? The honeycomb seal-ring has been proven to optimise the fuel efficiency of aero-engines, but the measurement of these seals present difficult engineering challenges. Now, HAESL has solved this challenge by incorporating Renishaw's TONiC incremental linear and rotary (angle) encoders within its new optical Seal Ring Measurement System (SRMS).

HAESL engine overhaul workshop

Case studies - Medical and healthcare

Renishaw encoders go under the 3DHISTECH microscope

3DHISTECH designs and manufactures one of the world's fastest and highest-capacity autonomous panoramic digital slide scanners - the P1000. It is a highly accurate scanning microscope that enables large pathology labs to capture ultra-high resolution images of medical samples. Renishaw's VIONiC™ and LA11 encoders enable the P1000 to operate at higher speeds than competing products in an accurate and repeatable way.

Pathological tissue sample on slide

Application notes

Reducing air purge usage with FORTiS™ encoders, achieving energy saving up to 91%

Machine users adopting a smart approach to air purge with FORTiS absolute enclosed encoders can significantly reduce their attributable CO2e emissions, and lower electricity costs. FORTiS' unique DuraSeal™ lip seals allow many users to employ a “low flow” air purge philosophy to provide all the reliability benefits of air purge but with reduced compressed air consumption.

Air purge for FORTiS™ linear enclosed encoders

Widening the scope for machine tool designers with the FORTiS enclosed encoder

The FORTiS enclosed encoder has been designed to cater for the needs of machine tool OEMs, end-users and service providers. Two new application notes talk directly to these important markets in describing the diverse features and benefits of the FORTiS encoder range.

Machine tool with the FORTiS encoder

Floating steel encoder scales for SMT

This application note discusses surface mount technology (SMT) applications and presents an example of where linear steel scale (installed to be thermally independent of its mounting substrate) may be preferable to the currently widely used, but expensive, near-zero thermal expansion scales.

SMT machine, Woodchester

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