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Raman software: analysis

Data processing and analysis

WiRE™ is a dedicated software package for Raman spectroscopy. It is designed by experienced Raman users. As a result, it has the specific tools you need to get information from Raman data.

  • Process your data to get the most accurate and representative information during analysis
  • Analyse your Raman data to extract the wealth of information contained within

Key WiRE features

A range of processing options for single spectra and multi-files focused on:

  • background fluorescence removal (including patented intelligent fitting baseline subtraction)
  • subtraction of spectral features originating from substrates and solvents
  • Cosmic ray removal (including automated nearest neighbour options)
  • noise removal and reduction (including automated PCA noise removal)

A range of analysis options for single spectra:

  • Spectral identification (choose from an extensive range of databases or build your own)
  • Accurate reporting of band parameters (such as position, width and area, to reveal material properties)

A range of univariate and chemometric analysis options for multi-files and Raman images:

  • Locate known and unknown species using a choice of supervised and unsupervised analysis options, such as PCA
  • Identify unknowns by combining Empty modelling™ and database searching
  • Quantify mixture fractions
  • Understand the change in material properties through the fitting of accurate theoretical bands (curve fitting) or reference spectra (DCLS)
  • Domain size and distribution analysis from Raman images

Image: screenshot from WiRE software showing noise filtering

Getting your data out

WiRE can export results, spectra and images to other applications, for use in reports, scientific papers, etc.

  • WiRE's custom labels enable you to select the parameters you want to show on your printouts
  • Native resolution image export – don't worry about your screen resolution, you will get crisp clear images
  • Export of single and multiple spectra to different spectral formats
  • If you need more specialised analysis, WiRE can save its file data in a host of third party formats, including Mathworks® Matlab®* format
  • Copy and export of spectra and views as high quality vector format graphics for use in publications

*Mathworks and Matlab are registered trademarks of Mathworks

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