5/01 PLC vacuum casting machine

Create high quality parts in a wide range of resins including ABS replicas, soft-feel rubber-like materials and high quality wax investment casting masters.

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About 5/01 PLC vacuum casting machine

Renishaw 5/01 vacuum casting machineThe 5/01 PLC is the smallest PLC-controlled Renishaw vacuum casting system and benefits from all the process control and user interface features available on the larger machines. The 5/01 PLC is capable of casting the full range of Renishaw PU resins and also benefits from Renishaw Vario Vac technology that allows highly viscous materials, such as silicone rubber, to be cast efficiently by applying differential pressure to rapidly force material into the mould.

VC moduleFor plastic prototypes and low volume production in vacuum casting PU resins 
Vario Vac moduleFor prototypes in silicone rubber and highly filled viscous materials
Heated cupFor creating wax master models for the investment casting process and low melting point alloys

5/01 PLC features and benefits

  • small footprint bench-top machine - ideal for small workshops
  • Vario Vac differential chamber pressure - suitable for soft-feel materials
  • PLC control and automation - ensures consistent casting
  • heated cup - suitable for casting high quality wax masters

5/01 technical data

Dimension housing
(H x W x D)

 1175 x 900 x 594 mm

Max. mould size
(H x W x D)

 530 x 450 x 425 mm
Casting capacity 0.8 L
Power supply* 230 V/50 Hz
Pump capacity 25 m³/h
Ultimate vacuum 0.5 mbar
Gross machine weight 300 kg

* Other power supply configurations are available

Next steps

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