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Additive manufacturing and vacuum casting news

Renishaw's latest additive manufacturing news, case stories and technical articles encompassing laser melting, vacuum casting and injection moulding technologies.

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  • Renishaw opens new Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centre in India

    Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centres India Renishaw, the global engineering technologies company, is opening a new Additive Manufacturing Solutions Centre on 15th June in Pune, India. The new facility will provide a secure development environment in which customers can expand their knowledge and confidence using additive manufacturing (AM) technology.

  • Blog post: A 3D printed mountain bike that you can buy today!

    Robotic bike jump Demand for high specification bicycles has exploded in recent years as both professionals and 'prosumers' have sought a performance edge. In the case of mountain bikes, this has driven manufacturers to deploy advanced materials and construction techniques from aerospace and Formula One, as well as increasingly advanced suspension design.

  • Blog post: Minimal manifolds - shedding more material & boosting performance

    Manifold DfAM step 3 Minimal manifolds revisited - shedding more material & boosting performance

  • West Midlands MEP, Anthea McIntyre, visits Renishaw

    West Midland MEP Anthea McIntyre visits Renishaw Stone Global engineering technologies company Renishaw received a visit at its Stone, Staffordshire Site from West Midlands MEP, Anthea McIntyre, and Chief Executive Officer of The Manufacturing Technologies Association, James Selka. Accompanied by Renishaw’s Head of Global Additive Manufacturing, Clive Martell and Marketing Manager of Renishaw's Additive Manufacturing Products Division, Robin Weston, the visitors were given a tour of the 90,000 square ft additive manufacturing (AM) facility based on

  • Blog post: Making metal Additive manufacturing more accessible

    T2: A fighter jet on water (credit: Harry KH/Land Rover BAR) In a previous post, Chain to tools - creating a process chain for additive manufacturing, I explained how additive manufacturing, just like conventional manufacturing, relies on a chain of processes and tools to deliver reliable, productive products.

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