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  • The answers to your 3D printing questions

    Over 500 objects made using 3D printing can be seen at the MOSI exhibition, including the world's first bike with a 3D printed metal frame The additive manufacturing division of Renishaw has collaborated with the Manchester Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) on a free exhibition that will debunk myths about 3D printing. The exhibition celebrates this exciting new technology and explores how it is being used in applied fields, including medicine, manufacturing and aerospace.

  • Industrial 3D printing yields success on the Formula Student circuits

    The University of Stuttgart’s Formula Student race car with additively manufactured wheel carriers The GreenTeam and Renishaw - a premium sponsor - have collaborated to develop and manufacture optimised wheel carriers for a Formula Student racing car, reducing the overall weight of the car by 1.5 kg and making it their lightest vehicle to date.

  • Renishaw’s EVO Project – additive manufacturing for industrial use

    EVO project machine -  the first additive manufacturing system designed and engineered in-house at Renishaw Renishaw is pleased to unveil the machine that it is developing specifically for production manufacturing. Provisionally named EVO Project, it is the first additive manufacturing system designed and engineered in-house at Renishaw and reflects the company’s 40 years of experience in supplying high quality equipment to demanding global manufacturing businesses.

  • Everything in the right place

    Topological optimisation - 3D printed bike frame From the Greek words "topo" meaning "place" and "ology" meaning "study", topological optimisation is the study of mathematically optimising material layout. When approaching a component part in this way, the end goal is to remove superfluous material in areas of low stress whilst maintaining structural integrity of the whole; the lighter and stronger the better.

  • Cardiff University invests in Renishaw additive manufacturing machine

    Cardiff University has invested in a Renishaw AM250 machine Cardiff University has invested in a Renishaw AM250 machine, adding laser melting to the University’s already extensive additive manufacturing research and development technologies.

  • Making 3D printing plug and play

    Renishaw has obtained a compliance certificate from TÜV SÜD British engineering company Renishaw has obtained a compliance certificate from TÜV SÜD for its AM250 laser melting machine. The achievement is the latest in a long line of initiatives from Renishaw’s Additive Manufacturing Products division. It is intended to help 3D printing evolve from being considered an emerging technology, reserved for design and testing, into a mainstream manufacturing tool.

  • Renishaw prints works of art for Folkestone Triennial arts festival

    The Luckiest Place on Earth - 3D printed sculpture The global engineering firm Renishaw has started 3D printing luck in the form of four felicitous sculptures and the world's first recycling point for luck and wishes. The pieces were created in collaboration with Strange Cargo, a Folkestone-based visual and public arts company commissioned to produce a new piece for the renowned Folkestone Triennial arts festival.

  • First metal 3D printed bicycle frame manufactured by Renishaw for Empire Cycles

    Empire MX-6 bike with original aluminium frame Renishaw, the UK’s only manufacturer of a metal-based additive manufacturing machine that prints metal parts, has collaborated with a leading British bicycle design and manufacturing company to create the world’s first 3D printed metal bike frame.

  • Renishaw supports 3D printing exhibition at London Science Museum

    3D printing exhibition at the London Science Museum Renishaw, the UK’s only manufacturer of an additive manufacturing machine that ‘prints’ metal parts, is a major sponsor of a free exhibition being held at the Science Museum, London, which explores the future for 3D printing.

  • BLOODHOUND SSC turns to Renishaw for 3D printing expertise

    3D representation of a prototype design for the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car (image courtesy of Siemens NX) Renishaw, one of the UK’s leading engineering technologies companies, is contributing its knowledge in additive manufacturing to create key prototype parts for the BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car, which will attempt to break the 1,000 mph speed barrier during Summer 2015.

  • Renishaw's additive manufacturing system to boost production capabilities at Directed Manufacturing Inc

    AM250 laser melting machine Directed Manufacturing Inc. (DMI), a leading provider of additive manufacturing services, has acquired a Renishaw AM250 laser melting machine. The AM250 will augment DMI’s existing range of machines at its engineering facility in Texas, USA, where the company supplies production metal parts and complex geometric components to the medical, industrial, aerospace and defence industries.

  • Swansea University invests in Renishaw's additive manufacturing technology

    Laser melting cone component Renishaw, the global engineering technologies company, is pleased to announce the sale of an AM250 laser melting machine to Swansea University, one of the UK’s top research universities.

  • The new name in additive manufacturing

    AM250 & AM125 Renishaw's laser melting is a pioneering additive manufacturing process capable of producing fully dense metal parts direct from 3D CAD using a high-powered fibre laser. Parts are built from a range of fine metal powders that are fully melted in a tightly controlled atmosphere layer by layer in thicknesses ranging from 20 to 100 microns.

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