The flexible Raman system

The flexibility and performance of Renishaw's inVia microRaman system holds a unique position in the marketplace. It is available in many configurations and offers complete upgradability with a wide range of accessories. This is achieved whilst maintaining class-leading performance in all aspects of use.
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Free-space Raman microscopeTo best describe the inVia's flexibility, we find that the most effective approach is to ask: 'What do you want to measure?' Experience has shown us that we have the ideal mix of instrument flexibility and experience to deliver reliable solutions for the most demanding and diverse applications.

The inVia Raman microscope from Renishaw - the benchmark for all other Raman systems.

inVia - one system, many configurations



UV to NIR wavelength range


Low frequency Raman


High spectral resolution  

Up to 3 multi-line lasers on a standard baseplate. Capacity for more lasers on a laser table


From 229 nm to 1064 nm. More than 20 laser wavelengths fully supported


Measure the Raman signal from 10 cm-1 with NExT


Better than 1 cm-1 spectral resolution capability


Combined techniques




StreamLine™ Plus Raman imaging



Raman with SEMCLSM and SPM techniques


You choose the level of automation to suit your needs


Fast and flexible Raman imaging system - macro and micro capabilities


Patented, artefact-free, for low noise complete range Raman and photoluminescence


Microscope options




Laser safety compliance


A range of imaging options

A range of upright, inverted, and free-space options as standard


Support for up to 4 detectors mounted simultaneously: CCD, InGaAs point and array, APD, PMT and others


Class 1 and 3B options


Point, rapid line focus and StreamLine™ Plus for spectral imaging. Global Raman imaging

Be in control

You choose the functionality and level of automation that you need and add to it as your requirements change.

The top level inVia Raman microscope configuration, the inVia Reflex, offers the added benefit of full automation; all other inVia Raman microscope configurations can be upgraded step-wise through to the inVia Reflex at any time.

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