Additive manufacturing (metal 3D printing)

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Renishaw Additive manufacturing technologies encompass laser melting, vacuum casting and injection moulding technologies.

Renishaw's laser melting process is an emerging manufacturing technology with a presence in the medical (orthopaedics) industry as well as the aerospace and high technology engineering and electronics sectors. Laser melting is a digitally driven additive manufacturing process that uses focused laser energy to fuse metallic powders in to 3D objects.

Vacuum casting is primarily used to produce high quality prototypes in a range of polyurethane (PU) resins that mimic the performance of engineering polymers. It is also possible to cast nylon and create wax masters for the lost wax investment casting process.

Injection moulding machines from Renishaw are suited to either short series production using resin tooling, or volume production of small shot components under 12 grams depending on the model chosen.

Renishaw also sells a range of materials and consumables to support our vacuum casting, laser melting and low-volume production technologies.


Laser melting 


Vacuum casting

 Renishaw AM250 laser melting machine

CAD driven manufacturing in a wide range of metals

  Vacuum casting manifold part

High quality parts in a range of replica materials, glass-filled nylon and wax masters for investment casting


Injection moulding machine 12/90 HSE

12/90 range of Injection moulding machines


Training, service and support

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Additive technologies trainingExpert applications training has been a key contributor to success with our additive manufacturing and product development technologies.