Laser melting (metal 3D printing) systems software

Renishaw systems are compatible with Materialise Magics or Marcam Autofab software for file preparation.

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AM softwareRenishaw AM systems require the use of commercially available file preparation software. Approved software from either Materialise or Marcam Autofab is available as part of the Renishaw AM package. These packages allow users to import CAD files, fix file errors, apply labelling, orientate the part and apply the necessary supports to constrain the part geometry so that it can be processed. There are also features that allow the process parameters and scanning strategies to be modified and saved into materials files suited to particular alloys and part geometries.

Both packages have the ability to output part build files in the Renishaw format and each has its particular strengths, whether it's series production and work flow management through an ERP solution, or process development tools to optimise part processing parameters.

Further information and advice on how to choose what is best for your needs is available on request.

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