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Laser melting (metal 3D printing) systems software

Accurately create slices and laser paths for export directly to the Renishaw metal additive manufacturing system.

Open parameters

Different metals have unique melting properties so Renishaw software has an added benefit of providing the user with the freedom to optimise machine settings to suit the material being processed.

Renishaw Build Processor for Magics™

Renishaw metal additive manufacturing systems now come with powerful Magics software for build preparation. Efficient build preparation follows a step-by-step process:

Process steps

AM software
  • Export from CAD 3D model into .stl format.
  • Import .stl (or optionally native CAD), healing function to aid file conversion.
  • Orientate the part and apply the supports required to anchor the build.
  • Select pre-defined process parameters or edit to suit particular alloys and part geometries.
  • Generate two dimensional layers and tool path, for export to the additive manufacturing system.

Advantages and benefits - open source parameters

The new Renishaw Build Processor provides a highly flexible platform with a user friendly interface. Users can use pre-determined parameters so the build can be prepared in a few steps. Equally, users may control up to 170 parameters, in keeping with Renishaw's ethos of open source parameters.

  • Renishaw's extensive process knowledge combined with industry standard Magics' powerful software.
  • Highly flexible platform with the ability to control up to 170 parameters.
  • User friendly interface: using predetermined parameters the build can be prepared in a few simple steps.
  • Enhances the capabilities of the AM250 additive manufacturing machine.

Renishaw also offer Materialise's annual maintenance package which includes technical support, training and access to the latest software upgrades.

Further upgrades are available, for example advanced support generation, direct CAD file import and advanced lattice structures. More details are available on the Materialise website.

Autofab users

Existing users of Marcam Autofab are advised to contact Renishaw to discuss upgrade options.

Control software – Renishaw Optical Control System (OCS).

Renishaw's new OCS is a dedicated software module used to control the optical functions of the AM250. Developed using Renishaw's in-house software engineering it provides a fully integrated system to control laser steering, enhancing precision, feature definition, and surface finish.

AM250 systems can be readily upgraded by Renishaw service engineers during a service visit. Please contact Renishaw for further information.

Contact Renishaw for details

Magics™ and Renishaw Build Processor are available to purchase directly from Renishaw – in either single PC or network shared licence.

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