Laser calibration and telescoping ballbar

Renishaw's laser interferometer and ballbar measurement systems assess, monitor and improve the static and dynamic performance of machine tools, co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other position-critical motion systems.

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Machine performance measurement and diagnosis is essential to establish a known and repeatable level of process capability. The equipment systems below should therefore be considered as the first step in process improvement and are complementary to the on-machine and off-machine probing systems elsewhere on this website.

SupportThe Laser measurement and ballbar support website contains helpful resources on configuration and use of our laser measurement systems and ballbar products. As well as FAQs you can check you have the latest software for your product and access the following:
  • Manuals
  • Support documents (white papers, application notes)
  • Software downloads
  • CAD models (available in .igs, .x_t, .stp and .jpg formats)
  • Videos
  • Certification (example certificates, traceability and related documents)


XR20-W allows ±1 arc second measurement of rotary axes. Bluetooth® wireless operation and modular mountings allow use on a wide range of machines, including 'off axis'.
XCal-View error compensation - showing measured data and overlay of expected compensated performance XCal-View data analysis software 

XCal-View offers significant new and improved features for analysing data captured using a Renishaw laser. Makes analysis and reporting simpler, quicker and better.  Download the full XCal-View software and evaluate it for free for a 30 day trial period. 

Bluetooth technology, greatly enhanced testing and analysis capability (including volumetric). Special upgrade kit for existing QC10 users. Software also available as free of charge download.

RecalibrationRecalibration services

Regular recalibration gives you confidence your equipment is performing within its accuracy specification and can be a requirement for QA systems. Check here for further information and details of services offered.

Customer case studies

Read how customers have benefitted from using Renishaw laser and ballbar systems in a series of case studies.