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Quick and easy to use software for XL-80 and XM-60 laser measurement.

CARTO release 2.0

Now supporting XM-60 in addition to XL-80

CARTO overview

CARTO software suite guides the user through the workflow of the measurement process, from setting up a test to analysing the data. The intuitive user interface and the flow of the software matches the easy set-up of the XM-60 multi-axis calibrator and XL-80 laser.

As part of our continuous improvement strategy, there will be regular releases of CARTO to add measurement types and features to support XM-60 and XL-80.  See CARTO release comparison tables for more details on XL-80 laser functions in CARTO.

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Features and benefits

The CARTO suite is made up of two applications; Capture to collect laser interferometry data and Explore to provide powerful analysis to international standards and more.

CARTO features a database system which automatically stores and organises data for the user.  This simplifies operation and allows users to quickly and easily compare data across multiple machines over time.


  • Automatic sign detection. The directions of measured errors are automatically determined relative to the machines axes, reducing human error.
  • Intuitive user interface allows new users to begin capturing data quickly with minimum fuss.
  • All the core functions are available on one screen for efficient navigation.
  • ISO-10360 target sequences can be automatically created, simplifying a challenging test set up.


  • Powerful search facility for results database.  Search by, operator, date, machine ID and any other field.
  • Overlay multiple results to see comparisons easily.
  • Create linear error compensation files to improve machine performance.
  • Produce customised test reports by copying and pasting intelligent elements from Explore into other applications.

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Highlights for CARTO release 2.0

Release 2.0 of the CARTO suite now supports data capture and analysis for XM-60 multi-axis calibrator, in addition to XL-80 laser.


  • Generation of machine part programs for the calibration process.
  • Test methods can be created and saved with no device connected.
  • Randomisation of target positions.
  • Live editing of targets, useful for CMMs and manual motion control.  


  • Quick search across all test parameters from a single text field.
  • Test records are automatically tagged on import.
  • Improved load speeds for test records.  Test browser organised in pages with configurable number of test records per page.

Software download

  • Software download: CARTO 2.0 SP2 software suite

    Release 2.0 SP2 - Issued January 2017: Combined installer for Capture and Explore in the CARTO software suite: - Supports new XM-60 laser system - Generation of machine part programs - Test methods can be saved with no devices connected - Randomisation of target positions - SP2 fixes bug in legacy database migration

  • Software release note: CARTO version 2.0 Software release note: CARTO version 2.0

    Important information concerning installation and use of CARTO version 2.0. It is recommended to read this before downloading or installing software. Supersedes CARTO version 1.2.

PC requirements

Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 or above, 1 GB available hard disk space, screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or above, PDF viewer. This installer will also install, if not already installed: .NET 4.6.1.