CP1 contact inspection probe for CNC machining centres.

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About CP1

The CP1 probe is used on CNC machining centres to perform workpiece set-up and inspection. It is triggered through a conductive stylus via an electronically isolated machine spindle. The system is usually designed into the machine by the OEM.

CP1 specification

Sense directions±X, ±Y, +Z
Stylus overtravel

X and Y: +17°

Z: 7 mm (0.27 in)

Unidirectional repeatability (max 2 sigma value)1.0 µm (0.00004 in)

CP1 accessories and ordering information

CP1 probe kits

Part numberDescription
A-2012-0001CP1 probe kit (Cat 40)
A-2012-0002CP1 probe kit (Cat 50)
A-2012-0003CP1 probe kit (BT 40)
A-2012-0004CP1 probe kit (BT 50)

CP1 accessories

Part numberDescription
A-2012-0007CP1 probe module only
A-2012-0064CP1 probe adjustment module

CP1 conductive styli (Ø5 mm ball)

Part numberDescription
M-5003-5553Overall gauge length 50 mm
M-5003-5808Overall gauge length 100 mm
M-5003-6045Overall gauge length 150 mm

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