High precision tool setting arms for lathes and grinding machines

Time is money, and time spent setting tool dimensions then manually entering tool offset data is time that could be better invested in machining. Tool setting and broken tool detection are vital if a high level of confidence in product quality and unmanned machining is to be maintained

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HP arms series


High precision removable arm


High precision pull-down arm


High precision motorised arm


High precision generic arm


HPPA foldaway

HPMA long


'Plug-in' arm which is manually located in the machine when tool setting is performed, and then removed once the process is completed.HPPA uses an innovative rotary device which automatically locks the arm into a repeatable kinematic location, with no additional adjustment or locking device required.An electrically powered arm. Rapid actuation allows in-process tool setting and broken tool detection without the need for operator intervention.A highly repeatable motorised solution for tool setting and workpiece inspection with improved robustness and adaptability on grinding machines and CNC lathes.

HP arm system kits for lathes (HPRA, HPPA, HPMA)

HP arm kits comprise:

  • User's guide

HP arm system kits for grinding machines and lathes (HPGA)

HP arm kits comprise:

  • Tool setting arm

  • MP250 or LP2 probe

  • Side exit hub and base

  • HSI and TSI 3 interface

  • User's guide

Further information

For product specifications or a full parts list see the Installation guide below.

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HP arms technical information

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