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Discover the true capabilities of probing systems, how they can help improve your manufacturing process, and see how others have implemented Renishaw solutions.

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Montage representing existing probing customersThe application of probing is often limited to simple job set-up activities. In fact, probing can be used throughout the manufacturing cycle, providing a wealth of information that may otherwise be missed.

Analysing and reacting to this information allows a machine tool to automatically adapt throughout the cutting process, reducing operator intervention and increasing the likelihood of producing accurate components.

Finished components can be inspected on the same machine used to produce them, with reports on their dimensional accuracy and information on any updates applied during machining produced automatically.

The range of Renishaw probing solutions - inspection probes, tool setting probes and software - offer much more than a solution for part set-up. They provide the capability to perform applications such as:

  • Part identification
  • Intelligent program selection
  • Determining part presence
  • Tool identification
  • Machine capability
  • Clearance checking
  • Cutting path optimisation
  • Adaptive machining
  • Cutter parameter update
  • Dynamic re-machining
  • Thermal correction
  • Tool condition monitoring
  • Process reporting

The application of Renishaw probing solutions has already proved beneficial to hundreds of customers across industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical, mould and die, heavy industry, and research and development.

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