MP1 touch trigger inspection probe system for small machining centres.

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About MP1

MP1 inductiveThe MP1 is ideal for small machining centre applications, and uses either hard-wired or inductive transmission. Inductive transmission allows for automatic tool changing of the probe, as both power and probe signals are transmitted across a small air gap.

For end-user applications on small machines, Renishaw recommends the OMP40 probe with infra-red optical transmission.

MP1 features and benefits

  • Designed for fitment by machine builders
  • Design provides inherent repeatability for all stylus configurations
  • Modular range of extensions and adaptors available

MP1 system options

Inductive transmission is not recommended for retrofit installations. Machine builders should contact their Renishaw supplier for further details.

MP1/S with IMP/IMM

MP1/R with IMP/IMM

Side electrical transmission

Rear electrical transmission

MP1 accessories and ordering information

Please contact your local Renishaw office to help design the MP1 system most suited to your application. Specific dimensions need to be established to choose the correct IMP inductive module for your system.

MP1 probes

Part numberDescription
A-2051-4576MP1/S probe kit
A-2051-4577MP1/R probe kit

MP1 accessories

Part numberDescription
A-2051-7080MA1 probe adaptor
A-2051-7146MA1-R probe adaptor
A-2051-4777MP1/R 3-way mounting block

MP1 replacement parts

Part numberDescription
M-2051-4522MP1/S probe seal
M-2054-6583MP1/R probe seal
A-2051-7105Outer diaphragm replacement kit
A-2053-7531TK1 tool kit
P-SC01-0430M4x30 screws (used with MA1 adaptor)

Next steps

Contact us online if you require more information or you have a pricing query, or alternatively you may like to speak directly to your local Renishaw office.