MP3 touch trigger inspection probe system for larger machining centres.

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About MP3

MP3 machine tool probe

The MP3 is ideal for job setting and component inspection applications on larger machining centres. Its size gives exceptional robustness and generous stylus overtravel, while maintaining high precision.

The MP3 probe signals can be transmitted to the machine control either by an inductive, optical or radio transmission system. Note that the optical and radio transmission systems for MP3 are now both obsolete.

MP3 system options

MP3 with IMM/IMPMP3 with OMPMP3 with RMP
Inductive transmission system for battery- free operation.

Optical transmission method - obsolete.

Consider OMP60 as an alternative.

Radio transmission method for use in larger machining centres - obsolete.

Consider RMP60 as an alternative.

MP3 inductive specification

Sense directions±X, ±Y, +Z 
WeightVaries depending on IMP arm dimensions
Transmission typeElectromagnetic induction
Uni-directional repeatability
(max 2 sigma at stylus tip) 
1.0 µm (0.00004 in)

Trigger force

XY plane - lowest force

XY plane - highest force

+Z direction


0.75 N (2.6 ozf)

1.50 N (5.2 ozf)

4.9 N (17.3 ozf)

Stylus overtravel

XY plane

+Z direction



17 mm (0.67 in)

Standard stylus length100 mm (3.94 in)
Maximum stylus length150 mm (5.91 in)
SealingIP X8

Compatible interface


MP3 accessories and ordering information

Please contact your local Renishaw office to help design the MP3 system most suited to your application. Specific dimensions need to be established to choose the correct IMP inductive module for your system.

MP3 probe

Part numberDescription
A-2053-5358MP3 probe kit
A-2033-1165Wide angle OMP (short arm)
A-2033-1166Wide angle OMP (long arm)
A-2103-0008360° OMP

MP3 accessories

Part numberDescription
A-2053-8633Shank adaptor (MP3 inductive style shank to OMP or RMP)
A-2063-7583MA3-3 adaptor (MP3 to LP2 adaptor)
A-2053-7286MEH3-1 extension housing ( Ø82 x 150 mm long)
A-2053-7287ME3-2 extension housing (Ø82 x 300 mm long)

MP3 replacement parts

Part numberDescription
A-2053-8156Outer diaphragm replacement kit
M-2053-5246Front cover for MP3 probe

MP3 recommended software

EasyProbe (Macro based programming)

Inspection (Macro based programming)

Inspection Plus (Macro based programming)

Data sheets

Upgrade to OMP60

OMP60 probe

OMP60-probeCompact steel body and enhanced optical noise immunity.

Upgrade to RMP60

RMP60 probe

RMP60Compact steel body with unique (approved world-wide) FHSS radio system.

Next steps

Contact us online if you require more information or you have a pricing query, or alternatively you may like to speak directly to your local Renishaw office.