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New partnership to develop advanced Gastro Panel Assay

February 2009

Renishaw Diagnostics (previously D3 Technologies Ltd), a world leading provider of novel detection technologies, and the research team at the Department of Infection and Immunity, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, part of the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust have signed an agreement to develop an advanced multiplex Gastro Panel assay. The assay will detect up to 15 pathogens, both viral and bacterial, from the same sample.

The importance of strict infection surveillance within hospitals is well documented. Traditional laboratory tests can take up to 48 hours to provide a diagnostic result, during which time the patient and or fellow patients may be at risk. This new assay will give clinicians a clear indication of the presence or absence of infection within 8 hours and is expected to markedly improve patient management and to reduce the risk of infection spread.

A pan-European clinical evaluation of the assay is planned to commence in January 2010.


Enquiries: Caterina Netti, Head of Operations and Technology (+44 141 5577900)

About Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd

Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd, formerly D3 Technologies Ltd, was a Strathclyde University spin-out before being acquired by the Renishaw Group, which is a leading global supplier of engineering technologies, medical devices and Raman spectroscopy systems. It is focused on developing and commercialising its first in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and clinical research products, with the goal of establishing Renishaw Diagnostics as the premium provider of automated, multiplex, high sensitivity molecular diagnostics products for the detection of human infectious diseases.