Performance and sensitivity

All inVia Raman microscopes benefit from patented features such as EasyConfocal™ and SynchroScan™, giving the inVia the advantage in performance and ease of use.

No other Raman microscope offers the same levels of upgradability, flexibility, sensitivity, and ease-of-use in one instrument.

Key features

  • EasyConfocal™ - Patented method of obtaining confocal Raman measurements. Identical confocal performance as common pinhole confocal configuration, but easier to use. EasyConfocal™ - better by design.
  • SynchroScan™ - Patented method of generating artefact-free Raman and photoluminescence data in a single acquisition. Better sensitivity and faster than alternative methods.
  • High spectral resolution - Unique spectrometer design enables high resolution spectra to be collected without compromising system sensitivity.
  • Full optical path optimisation - The inVia has been designed with wavelength optimised multiple beam paths, ensuring that maximum laser power is delivered to the sample for all wavelengths.
  • Range of Rayleigh filter options - Our standard filter set is optimised for very high optical efficiency. For more specialised measurements, a comprehensive range of filter options, including low wavenumber Eclipse filters, can be fitted, without sacrificing performance or flexibility.
  • Complete automation solutions - The level of automation to suit your requirements including full system health check and auto-align functionality.

Documents to download

Selected publications

Confocal Raman study of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers dyed in supercritical carbon dioxide: dye diffusion and polymer morphology (2005), O S Fleming, Polymer, 46, 2943-2949


Confocal Raman microspectroscopy using a stigmatic spectrograph and CCD detector (1994), K P J Williams et al, Applied Spectroscopy, 48, 232-235