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RenDx SP-2000 sample processor

Providing automation for the RenDx assay.


The RenDx SP-2000 Sample Processor is a purpose-built instrument that, together with the SA-2000 Sample Analyser, forms the RenDx Multiplex Assay System.

The workstation provides an automated platform for all post-PCR processes required to run any RenDx assay, providing improved reproducibility and maximising sample throughput.

The instrument is capable of processing 92 samples or controls, ready for analysis on the SA-2000, in under 3 hours, while the internal software and user interface allow full traceability of samples including smart error processing and reporting. 

RenDx SP-2000

Key features

  • Automates all post-PCR steps of the RenDx assay.
  • Maximises sample throughput while reducing sample to result time.
  • Improves reproducibility by removing user handling errors.
  • Provides full traceability of samples.
  • Smart error processing and reporting.
  • Simple, easy to use, pre-programmed protocols.
  • Optional touch screen operation.
  • Minimal user maintenance.
RenDx SP-2000 User