Renishaw CNC Reporter

Display and process inspection results from the Productivity+™ software suite.

  • Colour coding provides instant Go/No Go decision
  • Part conformance tracking for machine condition monitoring
  • Complementary application to analyse large volumes of historic data
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About Renishaw CNC Reporter

CNC ReporterRenishaw CNC Reporter is a PC-based statistical analysis tool designed to interrogate measurement data returned by Renishaw probing software.

Displaying data in printable tabular and graphical formats, the application displays actual measured data plus deviation from nominal, and uses colour coding to indicate adherence to tolerance at individual feature and component level, providing an instant indication of part conformance.

A complementary application, Data Manager, installs alongside Renishaw CNC Reporter. This application provides the ability to further analyse large volumes of toleranced, multi-feature inspection data that has been previously processed using CNC Reporter.

Both CNC Reporter and Data Manager operate within the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet package, providing a comfortable and familiar operating environment, coupled with the capability to easily configure custom report templates.

Renishaw CNC Reporter is intended for use with a single CNC machine tool. If there is a requirement to simultaneously import data from multiple machine tools, multiple seats of Renishaw CNC Reporter are required.

Features and benefits of Renishaw CNC Reporter

  • Renishaw CNC Reporter Overview tabHighly visual data display in an easy to understand format
  • Easily configurable in a familiar Microsoft Excel environment
  • Colour-coded reports for instant GO/NO-GO decision
  • Feature tracking and control plots allow processes to be monitored over time
  • Complementary Data Manager application for the historical analysis of large volumes of toleranced inspection data
  • Data Manager: deviation of filtered featuresExport data to external SPC and other packages for additional analysis


Renishaw probing software

Renishaw CNC Reporter is compatible with the output from the following Renishaw probing software applications:

  • Productivity+ Active Editor Pro
  • Productivity+ GibbsCAM plug-in
  • Inspection Plus *

* configuration by Renishaw applications engineers will be required before results data from Inspection Plus can be imported directly into CNC Reporter

NOTE: Some NC control platforms which are compatible with these software packages do not support the output of inspection report data and are therefore not compatible with Renishaw CNC Reporter.

PC specification

Renishaw recommend a PC specification equivalent to that required for the use of the Productivity+ software suite.

As both Renishaw CNC Reporter and Data Manager operate within the Microsoft Excel environment, an existing copy of Excel (or the full Office suite) version 2003 or later (2010 recommended) is required.

Language support

Renishaw CNC Reporter is currently available in English only.

Data sheet

  • Data sheet: Renishaw CNC Reporter Data sheet: Renishaw CNC Reporter

    Renishaw CNC Reporter is a PC-based statistical analysis package designed to import, interrogate and analyse measurement and inspection data obtained using Renishaw machine tool probing software.


User information

  • Poster: Renishaw CNC Reporter getting started Poster: Renishaw CNC Reporter getting started

    Renishaw CNC Reporter: fold out poster providing information on how to install and activate Renishaw CNC Reporter, and how to import the Demo Results.txt file provided with the software application.

  • User's guide: Renishaw CNC Reporter User's guide: Renishaw CNC Reporter

    Renishaw CNC Reporter is a software package designed to display and process inspection results from Renishaw probing software. It allows users to create multiple inspection reports and to track a measured feature between several measured parts. This document provides information on installation, activation and use of the application.


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