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Fibre optic laser encoder products

RLU dual axis laser unitRLU10 laser unit

With a laser frequency stability of ±50 ppb over any one hour period, the RLU10 is a practical and cost effective solution for the majority of 'in-air' applications.

RLU dual axis laser unitRLU20 laser unit

For applications which require the highest measurement performance, such as vacuum applications.  The RLU20 offers a laser frequency stability of ±2 ppb over any one hour period.

RLD heads

RLD10 0° launch detector headRLD10 plane mirror interferometer

The RLD10-PMI (Plane Mirror Interferometer) is a double pass system configured for applications where a plane mirror is required (for example XY stage applications). 

RLD10 retroreflector interferometerRLD10 retroreflector interferometer

The RLD10-RRI (Retroreflector Interferometer) is a single pass interferometer configured for applications where a retroreflector is required (for example longer range or higher speed applications).

RLD10-X3-DI differential interferometer and mirrorsRLD10 differential interferometer

The RLD10 DI (Differential Interferometer) is a double pass interferometer system designed to provide a differential measurement.  Ideally suited for vacuum chamber applications.

RLD10 0° launch detector headRLD10 no internal interferometer

The RLD10-XX (no internal interferometer) detector head is designed with no internal interferometer optics.  This allows the head to be used in a sequence with specialist optics to achieve linear, angular and straightness measurements. 

RCU10 compensator unit and sensorsRCU10 real-time quadrature compensation system

Utilises environmental sensors to monitor a machine's ambient environment and provides real-time compensation of the position feedback signals.

RPI20 parallel interfaceRPI20 parallel interface

Accepts differential analogue 1 Vpp sine / cosine signals and interpolates by 4096 to provide a 36-bit parallel format output with resolution capability of 38.6 picometres at 1 m/s.

RLI20-P laser interface - PanasonicRLI20-P laser interface - Panasonic

Using a 1 Vpp sine / cosine signal from an RLE system the RLI20-P provides the interface to Panasonic (MINAS A5 series) controllers. 

RSU10 USB interfaceRSU10 USB interface

The RSU10 USB interface accepts 1 Vpp sine / cosine signals from an RLE system, interpolates by 16,384 and provides a position reading via a USB port.

REE interfaceREE interpolators

The REE range of interpolators offers a simple 'plug and play' solution for lower levels of signal interpolation, increasing the resolution of the digital quadrature output signal by a factor of more than 20.

Plane mirror in Renishaw mountsMirrors and accessories

Highly reflective plane mirrors with easily adjustable mirror mounts. Renishaw supplied plane mirrors are manufactured on a low thermal expansion glass substrate and have a hard oxide, dielectric coating.

15 mm DI periscope assembly15 mm DI periscope assembly

The periscope assembly increases the offset between the measurement and reference beams of the RLD10-X3-DI differential interferometer detector head.

RVI20 vacuum compatible interferometerRVI20 vacuum compatible interferometer

Offers the ability to keep the entire measurement path within the vacuum environment when used with the RLD10-A3-XX detector head.