Supported accessories for ML10

In line with our policy of continuing support for ML10 users the following accessories are still supported via the sale of new units.

Repair and service options may also be available.

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All measurement optics and optics accessories are common between XL-80 and ML10 laser systems.

For further details please see the measurement optics and optics accessories section for the XL-80 laser system.  

DX10 interface kit (USB)


The DX10 replaced the PCM20 (PCMCIA) card as the standard interface offered for ML10 and EC10 to PC laptop communications. It is equally suitable for desktop PCs, replacing the PC10 interface card (now obsolete). The DX10 is a reliable high speed communications device, transmitting data at 5 kHz directly to Laser10 and QuickView™ software.

Measuring only 78 mm x 51 mm x 27 mm and weighing in at only 158 g (plus USB cable) the DX10 is rugged and built to survive workshop usage. In built LEDs provide visible indication of communications status.

The DX10 is compatible with Microsoft Windows® XP (SP 1 and 2),  Microsoft Vista™ and Windows® 7, but is not compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Windows® operating systems.

DX10 device drivers are available free of charge for existing users (versions for 32-bit and 64-bit).

For dual axis data capture, simply use two DX10 interfaces which can be plugged into two separate USB ports or a separate hub.

Each DX10 kit contains:

  • DX10 interface (USB)
  • 5 metre USB cable
  • DX10 driver installation CD-ROM
Part numberProduct
A-8003-3116DX10 interface kit (USB)


Part numberProduct
A-8003-0717ML10 / EC10 datalink cable
A-8003-2329TP in / out extension cable
A-8003-0814TP in / out cable

TB10 quadrature trigger box

TB10 quadrature trigger boxSynchronise data capture from the ML10 to scale position or movement.

Further details in XL-80 peripherals section


Provide a stable mounting position for your ML10 laser. Together with the tripod stage and laser unit foot adjustment, it provides full alignment control over the laser beam from the ML10.

Item nameImagePart numberDescription
Universal tripod base Universal tripod base ML10A-9908-0295

The lightest tripod available for use with ML10 at only 3.9 kg. Enables laser beam to be positioned anywhere from 0.54 m - 1.56 m.



Tripod adaptor ML10 ML10 tripod adaptor M-8003-0980Tripod stage adaptor required to fit ML10 tripod stage to universal tripod base.
Tripod case: fabricXL-80 fabric tripod case M-9908-0527

Close fitting woven nylon case with plastic armour inserts. Comes complete with carry handle, shoulder strap and link strap for mounting to XL system case for easy transport.

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