Vacuum casting applications

Vacuum casting systems from Renishaw allow engineers and designers to produce high quality parts that closely replicate the performance attributes of injection moulded and high volume metal die cast parts, without the associated long lead times and process overheads.

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Metal vacuum casting

Renishaw metal casting systems are capable of processing non ferrous materials for the production of prototype investment castings. By adding a heated wax cup to a conventional vacuum casting machine, it is possible to produce high quality wax masters in low volumes using RTV silicone moulds. The resulting parts exhibit a high quality surface finish similar to pressure die casting and require only a small amount of finishing. Typical applications include prototype components for white-goods, engineering assemblies, old or obsolete components, architectural features & bespoke designs and art objects. Automotive development also benefits from the process, through shortened lead times on engine and component development. A particular strength of the process is the ability to faithfully reproduce complex surface features and details.
 Metal part casting throttle body  Metal part casting Auto transmission fluid matrix   Metal part casting engine block  Metal part casting steering column ignition housing  

PU and nylon casting

Renishaw vacuum casting mimics the capabilities of injection moulding without the associated long lead times and tooling costs. The technology can be used for small batches of high quality prototypes or low volume production depending upon the demands of the particular application. The Renishaw range of polyurethane (PU) resins exhibit a range of properties that closely replicate engineering polymers, allowing the production of medical device prototypes, bespoke scientific instrument enclosures, automotive trim and interior components, prosthetic devices, enclosures for electronics and a wide range of consumer products.
Vacuum casted manifold   Vacuum casted parts  MCP vacuum casted part  Vacuum Cast manifold 2 

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