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The UCC MMI-2 controller provides a USB based interface for manual CMMs

  • UCC MMI-2Interfaces to the Renishaw digital range of scale readheads, or electrically compatible OEM versions, and to TP20 or similar touch-trigger probes
  • Controls the collection of scales data, and latches the scales' positions when a TTP event is detected
  • Supports limited 24 V machine IO signalling, and can interface to a manual head if required

UCC MMI-2 features

  • Supports manual CMM data collection
  • Three CMM axes can be interfaced by the UCC MMI-2
  • Supports incremental encoders
  • The UCC MMI-2 can automatically adjust the supply voltage to encoder readheads (to compensate for cable losses)
  • Probe interface (PICS)
  • Supports manual heads
  • Connection for the TP20, TP1, TP2 and TP6 touch-trigger probes
  • CMM machine input / output, including:
    • Air solenoid
    • Air status
    • 13 uncommitted I/O (6 input and 7 output) that can be customised by the user
  • Status indicating LEDs
  • Rear panel connectors for the external interface cables to and from the CMM
  • Rear panel USB connection for the two-way communication link to the CMM host computer
UCC MMI-2 front panel
UCC MMI-2 rear panel - labelled

Key Description Key Description
Scale 0 interface (15W HDD socket)5PICS (9W D socket)
Scale 1 interface (15W HDD socket)6PC connection (USB type B)
Scale 2 interface (15W HDD socket)7Earth terminal
4Machine I/O (44W HDD socket)8UCC MMI-2 power jack (6.3 mm socket)

Installation and user's guides

  • Installation guide:  UCC MMI-2Installation guide: UCC MMI-2

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