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Renishaw co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) technologies at EMO Hannover 2023

June 2023

In its 50th anniversary year, Renishaw, a world-leading manufacturer of metrology systems, will demonstrate innovative co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) solutions for optimised manufacturing at EMO Hannover 2023.

On show will be the REVO 5-axis multi-sensor CMM measurement system with its extensive range of probes. The system provides automatic switching between tactile scanning, touch-trigger, ultrasonic, vision and surface finish measurement. The REVO system's innovative design maximises CMM inspection capabilities with patented 5-axis measurement technology.

By integrating multiple sensors on the same CMM reference frame, the REVO system enables manufacturers to increase productivity significantly and can eliminate the need for other dedicated inspection equipment. This single-machine solution overcomes the delays and risks of damage associated with the transferring of parts across multiple inspection locations. Reducing part handling and part movement minimises scrap and optimises shop floor layout, leading to lower energy consumption.

The REVO system's 5-axis technology offers a future-proof inspection solution to manufacturers across aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries. Synchronising the motion of the three CMM axes and the measuring head's two axes minimises the CMM's dynamic errors at ultra-high measuring speeds. It also provides access to part features out of reach for conventional 3-axis systems. Hence, the REVO system can drastically reduce inspection cycle times, enhance throughput and guarantee part quality.

Furthermore, enhanced inspection capability enables manufacturers to improve their designs and allows for more complex part manufacture. This inspection flexibility helps deliver more efficient, better performing and more sustainable products throughout the supply chain to the consumer, as is the case with EV electric vehicles and advanced consumer electronics.

Quality control on the shop floor

Quality control is evolving from simple pass or fail checks into a far more valuable investment of time, where the data is used to actively fine-tune process control limits. The ability for inspection equipment to operate next to manufacturing machines in an automated shop floor environment not only reduces part miles in the factory, but also allows real-time adjustments. Agile and flexible 5-axis inspection technologies offer a powerful tool that can be repurposed repeatedly for each new design or product.

The REVO system is critical in delivering this innovative way of thinking to the shop floor and can play an integral part in creating a more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process.

“Manufacturers are now taking full advantage of the wide-ranging benefits provided by the REVO system's 5-axis inspection technologies. From ultra-fast throughput with automatic updates for machine tools, to the flexibility of carrying out multiple different inspection tasks, including surface roughness. All of this in just one CNC set up on a shop floor CMM,” explains Gareth Tomkinson, Renishaw Business Development Manager for the CMM and Gauging Products Division.

MODUS™ metrology software for REVO® 5-axis systems

An integral element of the 5-axis measurement solution is the software, and Renishaw's MODUS metrology software continues to lead the way in high-performance industrial inspection, providing an optimal platform for the performance of the REVO multi-sensor measurement system.

MODUS 1.12 software offers multiple enhancements in flexibility and usability for REVO sensors. Users can benefit from powerful new features within its specialist tools for programming (MODUS Planning Suite) and reporting (MODUS CHART).

Additionally, MODUS software enhances process monitoring capability by linking directly to the Renishaw Central manufacturing connectivity and data platform, making it easy for a variety of systems and processes to access Renishaw device data.

For further information on Renishaw's latest process automation solutions for improved productivity and sustainability, visit hall 6, stand B32 at EMO Hannover 2023 (18-23 September 2023).

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