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Raman spectroscopy is playing a leading role in the development of both existing and next generation photovoltaic technologies. It is not only used in research and development, but also to determine production quality.

Better understand your devices

You can use Renishaw's Raman systems to examine and characterise all the main current and emerging PV materials (Si-based, CIGS, CdTe, organics, III-Vs, etc). The key material properties you can determine are:

  • alloy fraction
  • electronic efficiency
  • strain/stress
  • thin film thickness
  • crystal structure type and orientation
  • crystal quality
  • sample uniformity and purity (e.g. defects and contaminants)
  • Discoloured polycrystalline solar cell Discoloured polycrystalline solar cell

Any device size

Analyse the final device to determine the effect production processes have on quality and performance. Renishaw offers a range of options to accommodate devices of different sizes. For the largest requirements, we specialise in producing free-space microscopes and bespoke solutions. These can be used to perform complete module analysis.

See the whole picture

Raman images are a vital tool in photovoltaic development as they can reveal how material properties vary across devices.

With Renishaw's StreamLine™ and Slalom technologies, you have all the flexibility you need. Analyse both small and large areas, at whatever resolution you require. This provides better knowledge of the device as a whole, not just a small part of it.

Instant laser selection

It is important to select an appropriate laser wavelength when analysing a material. An incorrect choice may cause damage, or result in the generation of data from too deep or too shallow in the sample. The inVia confocal Raman microscope makes it easy to use the best laser; you can equip it with multiple lasers and use its automation capabilities to switch between them in seconds.

Online systems

Renishaw has provided numerous custom Raman systems for online quality control purposes.

Contact us and find out how we can help you monitor your photovoltaic products.

Transform your PV analysis

To discover the wealth of information achievable with Raman analysis and how that information can revolutionise your understanding of the capabilities of your solar cell, read some of our literature, below, which demonstrates in detail Raman/photocurrent analysis of real PV panels.

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