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Raman software: control

Instrument control

Primarily, WiRE™ is the communication interface between you and your Raman instrument. Quickly and easily configure your experiment, harnessing the high degree of automation of Renishaw's Raman systems.


  • automatically references motors during instrument start-up, ensuring they are in the correct place
  • moves key optics to their aligned positions when you change instrument configuration. You don't need to manually align components
  • synchronises mechanical components and electronics during precision operations (such as SynchroScan spectrum acquisition and StreamLine rapid chemical image generation)
  • performs health checking and callibration of the instrument

Sample viewing

WiRE can control video cameras and mapping stages to provide enhanced views of your samples.

  • Automatically capture white light images from reflected or transmitted white light. These images can be stored with your spectral data
  • Create high resolution white light images over large areas by using WiRE's white light montaging (tiling)

Data collection

Use WiRE to quickly define and optimise key parameters of your data collection. You get your data quickly and save valuable instrument time.

  • Choose the laser, grating and detector modes using simple template options
  • Easily configure measurements, such as:
    • multiple discrete sample points (1D multi-file)
    • linear profiling (1D multi-file: time, temperature, distance, etc)
    • fast spatial area analysis (2D multi-file)
    • complete sample volume
  • Collect as much or as little data as you need. If you want, you can collect over 50 million spectra in one dataset
  • All instrument and measurement parameters are stored with your data; you do not need to take handwritten notes
  • Sometimes you don't know the exact measurement conditions to use. Rather than having to manually try them one by one, you can use WiRE's queuing capability. Configure the measurements all at once and then leave WiRE to run them for you

WiRE can also:

  • automatically select line focus illumination mode to use a low laser power density and prevent damage to your sample
  • choose the laser power level you want with automated and repeatable power control options
  • ensure focus is perfect, with a range of focus maintaining options. Use these when studying samples with uneven surfaces or samples shifting out of focus (e.g. when your sample changes phase in a temperature control cell)

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