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High speed encoded stage (HSES)

The performance of the XYZ sample stage is critical for Raman microscopy. It determines the stability of your sample when collecting spectra from single points. It also affects the accuracy of sample movement during Raman imaging or mapping. At Renishaw, we use our expertise in metrology and motion control in our spectroscopy products too. Our Raman microscope stages use patented optical encoders to get accurate and repeatable sample movement.

Precise XY movement for spectroscopy

Renishaw's MS30 high speed encoded stage (HSES) moves your sample accurately under the Raman microscope with step sizes down to 50 nm. The MS30 stage uses proprietary direct drive DC motors with novel control algorithms. DC motors give superb control and quiet operation, even when moving rapidly over large distances. Together, the use of encoders and direct drive DC motors enable measurements at high speed and with high spatial resolution. You can even study multiple samples anywhere within a travel range of 112 mm 76 mm.

If you are measuring the morphology and chemistry of particles smaller than 1 µm, you may wish to return to certain particles for further inspection. The MS30 can repeatedly return to the same XY position with high precision (0.35 µm). This function is useful for samples including microplastics, pharmaceutical ingredients, cement powders and electrode powders.

MS30 high speed encoded stageMS30 high speed encoded stage for an inVia™ confocal Raman microscope.

The MS30 stage is available with the inVia™ confocal Raman microscope, the RA802 pharmaceutical analyser and the RA816 biological analyser. Flexible sampling options for the MS30 stage include a sampling accessory kit or an ANSI/SLAS microplate holder.

Key features of the MS30 high speed encoded stage:

• XY step sizes down to 50 nm
• Z step size down to 8 nm (with MZ20 drive)
• Repeatable positioning in X and Y: ±0.35 µm
• XY travel range of 112 mm × 76 mm
• Trackball and software control interface
• Supports point, line, 2D area and 3D volume measurements
• (Optional) Accessory kit for flexible sampling
• (Optional) ANSI/SLAS microplate holder

Renishaw's patented EasyMove™ stage system gives you seamless switching between manual sample loading to high-speed motorised movement. To load your sample, simply pull on the stage to bring it closer. Doing this suspends motorisation and removes resistance. When you have secured your sample on the MS30 stage, simply push the stage back under the microscope. The encoded MS30 stage continues to keep track of position and motorisation resumes when you release the stage. Finally, you have fine control of position by using WiRE software or the trackball.

A microscope Z stage for heavy samples

The MZ40 Z stage is ideal for precise vertical movement of large and heavy samples. It has a high load capacity of up to 25 kg and encoded step sizes down to 100 nm. You can use it with a Virsa Raman analyser or a free-space inVia confocal Raman microscope. We can configure the MZ40 stage with a motorised XY stage for accurate sample positioning in all three dimensions.

The applications of the MZ40 Z stage are many and varied. Examples of heavy or large samples include:
• Semiconductor wafers
• Geological samples, such as rock cores
• Artworks and cultural heritage items
• Samples in heavy environmental chambers, including cryostats

Free-space microscope with MZ40 stage

An inVia ReflexTM confocal Raman microscope is configured as a free-space microscope with MS30 and MZ40 stages to enable precise, repeatable and stable motion in three dimensions.

Many aspects of Renishaw's innovative technology are covered by patents.