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InfiniAM Central

Remote process monitoring for additive manufacturing systems

InfiniAM Central enables near real-time insight into your live AM builds and access to analyse historic builds.

System sensor and build information is displayed in graphic form to enable intuitive in depth analysis.

Key benefits

Current status

InfiniAM Central screen shot for web page

From the Current Status page, users have visibility of all the resources within their AM facility or group. System status (such as running, cooling, idle, etc), details of the part being built, layer-by-layer progress, powder level and system alarms are shown.


InfiniAM Central screen shot for web - productivity

The Productivity page displays the usage time for each AM system, it displays running, stopped and cooling times. This enables users with an interest in the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) to see where there are opportunities to improve manufacturing efficiency.

Data analysis

InfiniAM Central data analysis screen shot for the web

The Data Analysis page enables users to view live information from the AM system on the production line. Individual sensors have defined thresholds, limits or setpoints, and provide a detailed visual insight into AM system performance. Reports can be generated post-build to provide a detailed summary of build events.


Infiniam Central admin screen shot for web

The Admin page enables administrators to manage all user permissions. The system can be integrated with your company's network logins via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) compatibility.

Get mobile notifications via the smartphone app

InfiniAM Central app on the go image

Available for iOS and Android, the InfiniAM Central app provides push notifications of system alarms, current status and current build details including powder level, layer-by-layer build progress and event history. Systems can be monitored remotely and notifications* sent in near real-time**.

* push notifications require a limited set of information to be passed through Renishaw servers in order to send messages via Apple's notification service or Google's Firebase service.

** actual time depends on network latency and smartphone connectivity.

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