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QuantAM Dental

Fast, efficient, easy-build preparation redefined for dental additive manufacturing.

Dedicated file preparation software for metal additive manufacturing (AM) of dental crowns, bridges and Removable Partial Dentures (RPDs)

Metal additive manufacturing technologies (also known as selective laser melting or metal 3D printing) are becoming increasingly common in CAD/CAM dental labs, making the efficiency of the process increasingly important.

With an intuitive workflow and easy navigation, QuantAM Dental accepts CAD exports in the form of .stl data direct from dental CAD packages and allows you to prepare your builds as quickly as possible.

QuantAM Dental is designed explicitly to complement today's CAD/CAM dentistry by analysing dentistry-specific features and using these to automate build layout. Tolerant of triangulation imperfections, QuantAM Dental offers automatic healing of files, making it suitable for use with all .stl-based dental CAD systems.

Automated features

  • .stl healing, a critical step to ensure reliable build completion
  • Optimised framework orientation
  • Identification tagging to aid traceability of custom devices
  • Support placement using parameters developed for dental devices
  • Intelligent nesting, groups similar framework types together, which reduces downstream post-processing times

Why choose QuantAM Dental?

  • Consolidate two or more file preparation packages into one, saving time and money
  • Reduce build layout preparation time for a full build to as little as 30 minutes
  • Choose whether to automate build layout or take full control with manual manipulation of all parameters
  • Designed specifically for dental AM production from real-world experience
  • Flexible monthly or annual license options available to suit a range of business needs

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