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Questions on Renishaw inspection touch probes

Below is a list of frequently asked questions for Renishaw's machine tool inspection probes.

Q: How do I calibrate my probe? And how often do I need to re-calibrate it?

A: See the probe calibration movie.The probe is calibrated in the following circumstances:

when a probe system is to be used for the first time;

when a new stylus is fitted to the probe;

when it is suspected that the stylus has become distorted or that the probe has crashed;

at regular intervals to compensate for mechanical changes of your machine tool;

if repeatability of relocation of the probe shank is poor. In this case, the probe may need to be recalibrated each time it is selected.

For more information on probe calibration see: (TE415) Probe calibration

Q: When does the calibration cycle run?

A: Once initial set-up has been completed, the automatic calibration cycle can be run at intervals that suit the machining process requirements.

Q: How do I partner my radio probe?

A: See RMI partnering animation.

Q: How do I change the setting of my probe?

A: See the Trigger logic animation

Q: Can I install my radio interface (RMI) outside of the machine?

A: Renishaw does not recommend fitting the RMI outside the machine, however communications can be achieved subject to performance envelope and reflected radio paths. See section 3.2 in the RMP60 installation guide.

Q: Can I have two optical transmission probes on one machine?

A: Yes, by using the OMI-2T or OSI and OMM-2 interfaces.

Q: Can I have two radio transmission probes on one machine?

A: Yes, by using an RMI-Q interface. Applications of the RMI-Q enable individual operation of up to four second generation RMP permitting numerous combinations of radio inspection probe and/or radio tool setters to be used on the same machine tool.

Q: What if my optical probe is giving spurious errors – bright lights, legacy/modulated etc?

A: Take the batteries out for at least 5 seconds and then put them back in. If this does not solve the problem then Contact your Renishaw Service Centre

Q: Can I use my existing competitor interface with a Renishaw probe?

A: No. See Renishaw interfaces.

Q: How do I clock-up the stylus ball?

A: See Stylus on-centre alignment movie.

Q: How can I clean the workpiece before the measurement?

A: Either use a form of automatic air blast or a wash down cycle, where the component to be measured is passed through a jet of coolant to clear any swarf etc.

Q: How do I get my probe repaired?

A: Contact your Renishaw Service Centre

If your question hasn't been answered, please contact Renishaw's technical support team.