• MCUlite-2Compatible with the range of Renishaw CMM controllers and incorporates all the functionality of the HCU1 hand controller for motorised head
  • Basic low cost joystick for 3-axis CMM without an LCD
  • Controls motion of CMM axes
  • Indexes the motorised head and rotary table
  • Has a system menu for navigating the operating software
  • Handheld or table mounted operation
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1Probe disabled LED (red)
2MCU status LED (tri-colour)
3Emergency stop
4Speed override
5Slow speed enable buttons
6Fast speed enable buttons
73-axis joystick
8Joystick locks (three separate buttons)
9Probe disable button
10Servo engage button
11Take point / cancel last point button
12F1 function button
13F2 function button
14Head enable 

Installation and user's guides

  • Installation and user's guide: MCU

    The manual control units are comprehensive CMM joystick controllers designed for use with Renishaw's universal CMM controller range.



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 Part number
MCUlite-2 joystick kitA-5331-0015
MCU5 joystick kitA-5121-0003
MCU5-2 joystick kitA-5734-0100
MCU W joystick kit (no batteries included)A-5121-0077
MCU W-2 joystick kit (no batteries included)A-5734-1200
MCU W battery × 2A-5121-0079