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In addition to miniature incremental ATOM™ and true-absolute RESOLUTE™, Renishaw's ongoing investment in R&D now gives us the launch of the VIONiC™ all-in-one digital encoder series to satisfy a wide range of motion control requirements.

VIONiC™ incremental super compact encoder series, digital output direct from the readhead

The VIONiC series is Renishaw's digital all-in-one incremental encoder of choice because it satisfies a wide range of motion control requirements. The series consists of 2 products:

  • Standard VIONiC for medium to high-end applications 
  • VIONiCplus™ for the most demanding applications






Digital resolutions from 5 µm to 20 nm direct from the readhead

Digital resolutions from 0.1 µm to 2.5 nm direct from the readhead

Sub-Divisional Error: rotary Ø >135 mm and linear

Typically <±30 nm

Typically <±10 nm

Sub-Divisional Error: rotary Ø <135 mm

Typically <±30 nm

Typically <±20 nm

Jitter (RMS)

Down to 1.6 nm

Down to 1.6 nm

Maximum speed

12 m/s

3.63 m/s

VIONiC encoder series

ATOM™ incremental miniature 20 µm and 40 µm encoder series

ATOM is Renishaw's miniature non-contact optical incremental linear and rotary encoder system. Its innovative design combines miniaturisation with leading-edge signal stability, dirt immunity and reliability. This combination is unique in the market place and represents a significant advance in the performance and reliability of miniature encoders.

ATOM systems are simple to install with integrated LED for signal integrity indication.

A range of interfaces is available including high-performance Ti, Ri and the compact PCB ACi interface.

Find out more about ATOM.
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RESOLUTE™ award-winning true-absolute 30 µm encoder series

RESOLUTE is a true-absolute, fine pitch optical encoder system that has excellent dirt immunity, and an impressive specification that breaks new ground in position feedback. It is the world's first absolute encoder capable of 1 nm resolution up to 100 m/s for linear systems, and 32-bit resolution up to 36 000 rev/min for rotary systems. Ultra low Sub-Divisional Error and jitter result in a linear encoder system that outperforms any other encoder in its class.

The Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2015

Additionally, RESOLUTE is available in UHV (ultra-high vacuum) and ETR (Extended Temperature Range) versions.

RESOLUTE is the winner of a Queen's Award for Enterprise 2015 in the Innovation category

Find out more about RESOLUTE.

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