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Renishaw's latest encoder product news, case stories and technical articles, allowing designers to integrate a wide range of encoders into motion control systems

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  • Renishaw consolidates its VIONiC™ series encoder family

    VIONiC encoder series Renishaw announces the extension of the VIONiC™ encoder product range and its performance enhancement. The VIONiC encoder is now available in resolutions down to 2.5 nm with enhanced Sub-Divisional error (SDE) across the product range.

  • New easy to install incremental encoder is made for manufacturing

    QUANTiC readhead Renishaw has launched a new encoder family for linear axes which offers exceptionally wide installation tolerances and axis speeds of up to 24 m/s. The QUANTiC™ encoder series produces a digital signal output directly from the readhead and eliminates the requirement for additional bulky external interfaces.

  • What links metrology with solar energy?

    Solar panel on roof Clean power generation from solar (PV) cells is becoming an increasingly important part of the energy mix. Motion control is involved at every stage of the PV manufacturing process and is particularly essential for high-precision screen printing. This article explains the unique role of encoder position feedback in the development of solar cell technology.

  • PAL Robotics integrates magnetic encoder technology into robots to achieve balance

    REEM-C with AksIM and Orbis rotary encoders integrated into the elbow and wrist joints Imagine a world where robot companions improve your productivity at work, carry your bags at the airport or even provide assistive living to the elderly. PAL Robotics designs and manufactures highly advanced humanoids and service robots for a multitude of applications. Learn how Renishaw's magnetic encoders give PAL Robotics' REEM-C biped robot the ability to walk like a human.

  • Encoders hold the key to ultra-accurate motion control

    RLE installation and alignment Aerotech, continuing its commitment to the art and science of motion control, looks to Renishaw for versatile, high-precision laser interferometer encoders for its medical stages.

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