M4 ΓΈ2 mm ruby ball, tungsten carbide stem, L 50 mm

Part number: A-5003-4797

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This straight stylus can be used for simple features with which direct contact can be made. The tungsten carbide stem provides exceptional rigidity, particularly for styli with small stem diameters. Ruby tips are very hardwearing and are ideal for most standard applications. Silicon nitride tips are recommended when scanning aluminium because particles will not be deposited on the surface. Zirconia tips are more suitable for abrasive surfaces such as cast iron parts.

Thread mount (E) M4
Diameter mount
Overall length (B) 50.00 mm
EWL (D) 40.00 mm
Stem diameter (C) 1.50 mm
Ball diameter (A) 2.00 mm
Ball material Ruby
Holder material Stainless steel
Stem material Tungsten Carbide
Centre styli N
Ball grade 5.00
Mass 3.8 g
Class name Straight styli

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