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High performance, multi-sensor platform

REVO® and RSP2

RSP2 is a dedicated lightweight probe for use on REVO systems, capable of 2D-scanning and 3D touch-trigger measurement. The RSP2 can be used with a number of styli with reach from 175 mm to 500 mm.

REVO and RSP3 and RSP3-6

RSP3 and RSP3-6 provide the REVO system with 3D-scanning and crank stylus capabilities.

The RSP3 range of probes allow different lengths of stylus to be used. The RSP3-6 inspects features deep within bores.

REVO and RVP non-contact vision probe

The RVP probe adds non-contact inspection to the REVO system. For certain applications, non-contact inspection provides clear advantages over traditional tactile probing techniques.

REVO and SFP2 surface finish probe

SFP2's automated surface finish inspection offers significant time savings, reduced part handling and greater return on CMM investment. The REVO system makes surface finish inspection an integral part of your CMM measurement alongside scanning.

RFP fringe probe

The REVO RFP probe makes structured light inspection an integral part of your CMM measurement procedure. The RFP probe is designed for inspection of freeform surfaces and complex geometry, rapidly delivering patches of surface data with a high point density.

3-axis vs 5-axis co-ordinate measuring machine technology

As experts in metrology, Renishaw have developed unique 5-axis CMM technology that synchronises the movement of the X, Y and Z axes of the machine and the two axes of the measurement head. So, instead of driving the whole machine at high speeds, machine motion can be smooth and continuous, whilst leaving the measurement head to do the work.

5-axis CMM technology from Renishaw is available as part of a touch-trigger only PH20 system as well as the REVO multi-sensor system, which offers non-contact inspection, high-speed tactile scanning and surface finish measurement capability on a single platform.

Overview of the REVO 5-axis multi-sensor system's technical features

Unlike conventional CMM measurement methods, the REVO 5-axis measurement system uses the synchronised motion of the CMM and the head axes to minimise the dynamic effects of coordinate measurement machine (CMM) motion at ultra-high measurement speeds.

This is achieved by letting the REVO-2 head do the fast, demanding motion while the CMM moves in a linear slow fashion. The use of a flexible tip-sensing probe further adds to the system's accuracy and performance.