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3D scanning on machine tools

Surface condition

SupaScan can measure common surface defects such as excessive surface waviness, surface peaks, and steps on the surface.

Automating surface condition monitoring allows these issues to be resolved and corrections to be made whilst the component is still in the machine; improving measurement reproducibility, reducing rework and scrap.

3D surface capture

With the unique 3D sensor technology within the OSP60 probe, probing systems with SPRINT™ technology provide exceptional, high-speed, high-accuracy, probing to CNC machine tools. Measure complex freeform surfaces such as blades or bladed disks using the Productivity+™ Freeform Surface and Blade Toolkits.

Adaptive machining

The Adaptive Cut Toolkit can be used to generate component specific cutting toolpaths for near net parts such as castings. The toolkit is more than just a best fitting tool as it adjusts the individual nominal toolpath points to match the true shape of the scanned component.

High speed set-up

SupaScan provides up to 60% inspection cycle time reduction on simple prismatic components when compared with touch-trigger measurement.

Workpiece set-up cycles return accurate measurement results even when performed at up to rapid (G0) feedrates – as fast as it is physically possible for the probe to traverse the surface of the workpiece.

Health check with 3D scanning

The health check with 3D scanning application provides machine tool performance verification in less than one minute, preventing scrap caused by poor machine condition. The test can be integrated into a CNC machining cycle, providing confidence in machine health just before machining.