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Styli and fixturing for CMMs

YPC case study: an example of a multiple setup with modular fixturing

In short, creating fixtures on the CMMs is no longer an imprecise, hit and miss, time-consuming affair. We now feel like we have far better control.

Tritech Precision Products Yeovil (UK)

OPTiMUM™ diamond styli for CMMs

OPTiMUM diamond styli offer long lasting scanning performance in demanding applications. The diamond coated spheres maintain their roundness and do not suffer material ‘build-up' or premature wear when scanning a part. Diamond coated styli provide multiple benefits including an increased working life and reduction in recalibration and inspection downtime.

QuickLoad™ rail system for co-ordinate measuring machines

The QuickLoad rail system provides a secure workholding position when used in conjunction with QuickLoad base plates, which locate to the rail on either side using quick release magnets and location pins.

The QuickLoad rail system offers a fast, easy and repeatable method which allows the user to set up parts for inspection on multiple plates, and load them to the rail efficiently to maximise throughput. The interchangeable design of the rail and plates aims to maximise the machine operator's ability to inspect and release parts swiftly.

Custom 3D printed styli

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) is a flexible and powerful technology that can be used to create components and parts which cannot be made using traditional manufacturing methods. These can include complex shapes with internal structures and latticework that are both light and strong, enabling repeatable metrology. The high degree of flexibility in design means additively manufactured styli can be created and customised for almost any application.

Custom styli service

In many application challenges, the solution lies in the choice of stylus. Access to workpiece features, inspection times and probe performance are all influenced by the choice of stylus.

All of these aspects are considered within the design of a custom stylus, incorporating the ideal choice of materials and construction to optimise probe performance for your particular application.

Focus on vision systems

Reduce inspection inaccuracy, save time and increase throughput using Renishaw metrology fixturing for vision systems. Renishaw has developed a range of fixtures designed for vision inspection processes. Translucent acrylic base plates enable the use of backlighting, providing a clear view of the workpiece on the vision system. Our QuickLoad™ corner technology locates the plate quickly and easily, allowing for fast and repeatable part set-up.