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NC4 non-contact tool setter

High-precision, high-speed, non-contact tool measuring and broken tool detection on all sizes of vertical and horizontal machining centres, multi-tasking machines and all gantry machining centres.

Fast, robust and highly repeatable.

Brings probing to small machines.

Ultra-compact systems.

Precision optics

Allows fast, non-contact tool setting and tool breakage detection on a variety of machining centres.

Available as fixed system and separate system variants, the NC4 incorporates the unique MicroHole™ protection system and the innovative fail‑safe PassiveSeal™, maintaining IPX8 environmental protection.

Precision optics are supplied as standard. These enable the compact series to achieve unsurpassed performance in a unit particularly suited to small machines and machines where space is at a premium, while separate systems allow simple installation on large machine tools with a range of up to 5 metres.

For applications using small diameter tools, the NC4+ is available, providing excellent performance with small tools and superb tool-to-tool accuracy.

Features and benefits

  • Precise tool length and tool diameter measurement.
  • High-speed broken tool detection mode.
  • Measures and detects tools of Ø0.03 mm or larger (dependent on separation and mounting).
  • Compact design is ideal for machines where large non-contact systems are unsuitable.
  • Reliable in the harshest of environments.
  • ±0.10 μm 2s repeatability.

If it wasn't for the Renishaw system, the machine could, for example, operate with a broken cutting tip, with disastrous results. Furthermore, since tools are checked for breakage automatically, one operator can easily manage both machines: all he needs to do is load the pieces and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Ducati Motor


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Supporting information

Tool setting software options

The following macro-based software packages can be used to program tool setting and broken tool detection routines on CNC machining centres.

  • GoProbe – entry-level package for simple workpiece set-up and tool setting routines.
  • Renishaw tool setting software – entry-level package for simple tool setting and broken tool detection routines.


Compatible interfaces / transmission units – NCi-5