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These documents have been created for those who use imperial values in their manufacturing environment. They should be used in conjunction with the GoProbe training kit and GoProbe app.

GoProbe e-learning

A PC-based training course providing a detailed explanation of all the GoProbe cycles. The course includes anmations, videos, a quiz and a set of practical exercises to be used at the machine.

Download instructions

Click Download file.
Select Save and then select Open, the file is saved to the downloads folder.
Double-click F-5990-88xx-xx-x.
Double-click Launch_Story.exe, to begin the unzip process.
Select Extract all. Select a suitable destination for the e-learning files and select Extract.
Double-click the e-learning folder F-5990-88xx-xx-x in the resulting dialog.
Double-click Launch_Story.exe to open the e-learning course.

  • GoProbe e-learning course (Fanuc/Meldas)
  • GoProbe e-learning course (Siemens)

GoProbe videos