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Raman analysis enables you to identify chemical materials, as well as determining qualitative and quantitative information about them, without damage.

Renishaw's versatile Raman systems can be tailored to your specific chemical analysis requirements. Should your requirements change, you can add new features.

Composition and structure

You can use Raman spectroscopy to:

  • identify and characterise reaction products
  • monitor reactions
  • analyse mixtures and reveal domain sizes and distributions
  • study gels, emulsions, and residues, for example those in the cosmetics industry
  • study tiny amounts of material in micro-fluidic systems

White light and Raman images of washing powder.

The Raman images show chemically different domains from particles which are both discernible and hidden in the white light image.

Rapid information

Identify chemicals rapidly and reveal their composition and structure. Use SynchroScan to reveal all the key Raman bands; at high spectral resolution, over the entire Raman range, in just one data collection. You will have all the information possible within a single spectrum, helping to identify or better understand the material.

Analyse mixtures

You can generate high resolution chemical images from most solid or viscous mixtures. StreamLine produces accurate and detailed information on the distribution and domain size of particles within a mixture. See where particles are co-localised and compare your Raman results with white light microscopy.

Spectrum Search

Save time and improve accuracy when analysing mixtures. Using custom search algorithms and the ability to access multiple spectral libraries, Spectrum Search enables rapid, accurate identification of pure components and unknown spectra within a mixture.

Monitor your changes

Renishaw has a range of fibre probe and direct coupled sampling options. This ensures you can analyse samples in even the most challenging of locations. From simple reaction vessels to custom chambers, we can get the light efficiently to where it needs to be.

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