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Renishaw workpiece inspection and tool setting probes help Vasantha Tool Crafts increase machine utilisation time by 20%

Vasantha Tool Crafts Pvt. Ltd. established a plant at Coimbatore in 1989 to manufacture injection moulded parts. From its inception, the company has provided complete solutions to its customers, from product design to manufacturing.

With the help of Renishaw's RMP600 touch‑trigger probeand TS27R tool setting technology, Vasantha Tool Crafts has successfully increased the utilisation of every one of its machine tools by 20%, and reduced part setting process time from one hour to just three minutes.

Productivity solutions

According to Mr. R. V. Rao, General Manager of Vasantha Tool Crafts:
“In order to manufacture precision components it is vital to follow the right process, from initial design to the final quality check. Precision and quality are the company's hallmarks, and in this respect the decision to utilise Renishaw systems has been very beneficial, as they not only encompass the best productivity solutions but are also highly reliable. These solutions are used with various product mixes, reducing breakdowns and increasing value.”

The company initially employed manual part and tool setting methods using dial gauges and a ‘tools via block' method. Setting using these methods took hours to complete as everything was dependent on individual operator skill and experience. After replacing these time consuming manual processes with automated Renishaw probing systems, Vasantha Tool Crafts has been able to optimise cycle times, thereby reducing costs and achieving significant improvements in quality and reliability.

Solutions implemented

Vasantha Tool Crafts installed the Renishaw RMP600 – a compact, high‑accuracy‑touch trigger spindle probe with radio signal transmission – to enable automated job set up. The company also installed the TS27R contact tool setting probe to enable broken tool detection and rapid tool length/diameter measurement.

As well as the significant reduction in part set-up time enabled by the RMP600, the implementation of the TS27R has also benefitted the company. It has reduced the time taken to set tool offsets by 80% and significantly decreased human error, leading to a reduction in scrap. Setting parts and tooling using Renishaw probes has increased productivity, throughput and machine up time, giving Vasantha Tool Crafts a competitive edge. The company has now decided to install Renishaw probing systems on all of its machines as part of its quality control policy.

Mr. A. Dayanand Reddy, Managing Director, says: “Renishaw probing systems have been beneficial as they encompass the best productivity solutions, which are impeccable and highly dependable. These solutions are also extremely versatile, ensuring that the company is on the right track. Renishaw has been a trustworthy partner in providing a complete solution and transforming our manufacturing process.”