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Scientists from The University of Manchester team up with Renishaw to analyse tissue

June 2018

Renishaw has collaborated with scientists at The University of Manchester to show the ability of Raman spectroscopy to analyse skin tissue. This work was presented at the recent Joint Meeting of the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care and the Wound Healing Society, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, from 25-29 April, 2018.

Miss Rubinder Basson and her supervisor, Dr Ardeshir Bayat, from the Division of Musculoskeletal and Dermatological Sciences, at The University of Manchester, gave a talk titled ‘A novel sequential multi-tiered in vivo approach for quantitative evaluation of topicals for treatment of human skin scarring'. This work shows the ability of Raman spectroscopy—using Renishaw's Biological Analyser—to analyse skin tissue, track the transdermal delivery of a skin wound healing drug, and elucidate the tissue healing biochemical changes taking place.

Rubinder and Ardeshir also presented a poster titled: ‘Raman spectroscopy and HPLC: in vivo and ex vivo validation of a combi-approach for testing transdermal delivery of compounds in wounds and scars'. They proposed a new combined approach to the assessment of transdermal delivery of topicals; initially using ex vivo human skin culture with high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and subsequent validation by Raman spectroscopy of in vivo normal and scarred skin. This dual approach successively showed successful detection, as well as measurement, of exact depth of penetration of compounds following the application of a topical formulation in cutaneous scar tissue in both ex vivo and in vivo models.

Renishaw's Biological Analyser enables the imaging of whole skin tissue sections using LiveTrack focus tracking technology and collects high quality spectral datasets for analysis. Find out how Renishaw's Raman instruments can be used for biological research by visiting

More information about the Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, the world's leading, largest, and most well-respected interdisciplinary wound care program within the clinic field, can be found at


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