High performance styli

For applications requiring styli longer than 40 mm, the Renishaw range of lightweight ‘GF' styli and extension pieces are recommended.

These are available individually or as a boxed kit (Renishaw part number A-5003-2310). See the stylus catalogue (Renishaw part number H-1000-3200) for further information.

Extension bars and adaptors

Probe reach may be extended, with minimal loss of accuracy using probe extension bars. These are available in M8 - M8 or autojoint - M8 connector versions according to the type of probe head in use.

See the ‘Probing systems for coordinate measuring machines' catalogue (Renishaw part number H-1000-5050) for details.

MSR1 module storage rack (manual)

For manual stylus changing applications the MSR1 storage rack is recommended. The rack holds and protects up to 6 stylus modules carrying pre-qualified stylus arrangements.

The rack is available with a bracket for wall mounting or with a leg and base for mounting on the CMM table.



MSR1 (wall mounted)


MSR1 (CMM table mounted)