ACR3 accessories and spare parts

As the ACR3 is part of a modular system offered by Renishaw, all part numbers for the ACR3 system, the MRS system and other components that can be fitted to the rack are specified below:

ACR3 system  
ACR3 4 port rack kit (includes tooling) A-5036-0005
ACR3 setting gauge M-5036-0004
Lid clip M-1051-0043
'T' nut P-NU18-0005
Long 'T' nut M-5036-0055
Port replacement kit (4 ports) A-5036-0049
MRS system  
MRS rack400 mm longA-4192-0050
 600 mm longA-4192-005
 1000 mm longA-4192-0052
MRS leg125 mm longA-4192-0053
 62.5 mm longA-4192-0061
MRS feet A-4192-0055
MRS stand off adaptor A-4192-0058
MRS leg to foot adaptor A-4192-0055
Plastic end cap P-BG03-0014
SCP600 (stylus change port for the SP600 probe)  
SCP600 port (includes tooling) A-2098-0933
Stylus spanner M-5000-3707