SPA2-2 Front panel description

The diagram below shows the front panel of the SPA2-2:

SPA2-2 instal guide - section 2


  1. Axes status LEDs
  3. Air cooling fan inlet

LED positions and axis link 3 axis / 6 axis

These LEDs indicate the status of the servo engagement within the SPA2-2 unit as shown in the table below:

Axis status LED colour

System status


The SPA2-2 has no power being applied to the system or these axes are not fitted


The servo system is active but not engaged for this axis


The servo system is engaged for this axis


There is a fault on this axis of the system

Status 1 indicates the status of axis 0 and 1, status 2 indicates the status of axis 2 and 3 (if fitted), status 3 indicates the status of axis 4 and 5 of a 6 axis system and status 4 indicates the status of axis 6.


This red LED indicates if the emergency stop system has been activated.

Air cooling fan inlet

The SPA2-2 requires air cooling, the inlet being through this fan.

The airflow to the fan must not be obstructed. A minimum of 50 mm clearance in front of the fan is required.