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Renishaw's latest machine tool product news, case stories and technical articles.

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  • Renishaw reduces machining time for aerospace impeller manufacturer

    © Getty Images: Aeroplane turbine Honeywell Aerospace, part of global commercial and consumer engineering conglomerate Honeywell, produces a large number of the impellers and blisks used in commercial aeroplanes. The impellers, which are essentially radial and axial compressors, rely on a workpiece datum being maintained throughout the machining process to ensure that they are suitable for use.

  • On-machine user interface boosts productivity of mould base manufacturing

    GM Enterprise operator using the Renishaw on-machine GUI The market for mould base assemblies used in plastic injection moulding is changing. Plastic part makers are producing increasing varieties of short-run products in all kinds of different sizes, shapes and finish – each requiring a custom-made mould base. As a leader in precision mould base manufacture, GM Enterprise needed to ramp up its production throughput to meet rapidly rising customer demand.

  • Industrial probes aid research in space

    The OMP400 probe uses special measurement routines to measure the circularity and cylindricity of the inner and outer surfaces of the test masses As a result of new developments in the theoretical knowledge of the very smallest particles on the planet, some physicists are now calling into question the principle of equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass into question. To examine these ideas, production specialists at the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB) in Braunschweig developed cylindrical test masses, achieving an accuracy of 2 µm to 3 µm for all geometric characteristics.

  • Intelligent manufacturing solutions halve production time of gas turbine components

    Ollie Macrow inspecting benchmark results Doncasters Precision Castings – Deritend, is a leading manufacturer of investment cast and machined industrial gas turbine airfoils. These airfoils are manufactured in nickel and cobalt based superalloys. The company is committed to growth and it backs this commitment with a willingness to invest in continuous improvement through lean manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

  • Renishaw probing cuts manual intervention time dramatically for Equinox 3D

    Equinox Case study: Header - Renishaw probing cuts manual intervention time dramatically for Equinox 3D As a specialist producer of fibreglass products across a wide variety of industries, Equinox 3D is often approached with intricate and bespoke designs. Thanks to the introduction of Renishaw probing systems to its manufacturing process, the company based in Faversham (UK), is able to meet the most unusual of customer requirements accurately and reliably within a short time frame.

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