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Machine calibration and optimisation news

Renishaw's latest calibration product news, case stories and technical articles, allowing manufacturing industry to control machine performance and achieve substantial cost savings.

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  • Jingdiao's refusal to compromise on quality sees its business take off

    Jingdiao employees discussing the use of QC20-W ballbars Beijing Jingdiao Company Ltd has collaborated with Renishaw as its business has continued to grow over the years, with the two companies working together to open up new pathways to innovation and deliver superior quality.

  • KMTC promotes the quality standards of Chinese 5-axis CNC machine tools

    Machine calibration on a Kunming Machine Tool horizontal machining centre Kunming Machine Tool Company Ltd, China, (KMTC) has developed a variety of ‘China’s first’ high performance machine tools, leading the development of machinery and the machine tool industry in China. As a market leader in metrology, Renishaw has provided KMTC with advanced solutions in machine calibration and performance evaluation, including XL-80 laser interferometer, QC20-W telescoping ballbar system, XR20-W rotary axis calibrator and AxiSet™ Check-Up.

  • Better accuracy enables Godrej to redefine quality norms and help reduce costs

    QC20-W ballbar test set up at Godrej Accuracy and on time delivery of projects are key requirements for the tooling industry. Godrej Tooling Division (Godrej) relies on Renishaw solutions to save time, money, reduce scrap and achieve a high level of accuracy.

  • Laser calibration at the speed of light

    XL-80 for speed of light news article The word “laser” implies “light speed” for the casual listener, but witnessing a bi-directional laser calibration run on just one linear axis of a CNC mill conjures up a completely different image – that of something less than the speed of light. However, a technique that takes advantage of a feature in Renishaw's XL-80 laser interferometer reduces settling time to just 250 milliseconds after each incremental axis move, cutting calibration times by 85-95 percent. In addition to reducing downtime

  • Renishaw launches new CARTO software solution for calibration systems

    CARTO Capture screenshot Renishaw is launching a new free software suite for Renishaw calibration systems at EMO 2015. The suite includes Capture and Explore, which provide data capture and analysis for the XL-80 laser interferometer system. CARTO release 1.1 supports linear, angular and straightness measurement with a choice of keypress, position and remote (TPin) triggering. CARTO features a new database system which automatically stores and organises data for the user, simplifying operation and allowing users to quic

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